Where do I go from here?

My mission and passion is to help and inspire millions of women (and sometimes men) to re-claim their inner power to live from the heart in health, happiness and joy.

I make a commitment to my heart that I shall travel and share the teachings of the School of Happiness in at least 5 countries each year.  Just like Virginia Wolf said “As a woman I have no country, as a woman, I do not want a country, the whole world is my home.”

Check if the Caravan of Happiness is coming to your town or invite us to your village or city. I will be on the road for 6 months per year; Australia, France, Turkey, USA, Canada, Thailand, and Kyrgyzstan are my next stopovers.

What shall I do with the rest of the 6 months?  Listen to what my heart told me.

Lemons and Margaritas “ A novelist is someone who cannot bear her story to be buried inside”, said a 19th century Japanese writer.  I am that novelist…with no hiding or pretence, I will share with the world what I have done with the lemons life gave me.  And I bet you will be surprised how many different kinds of lemons I have discovered so far: bush lemon, bearss lemon, buddha’s hand lemon, avalon lemon..and in my novels you will discover how I made well not lemonade but margaritas. The first novel is born and is now almost ready to reach you.  Sign up not to miss out and you will receive an email when it is ready. Click Here to sign up

Travels  I have travelled to 50 countries of the world…by the time I reach 100, I hope to have visited at least 100 countries. What is on my list next?…Keep in touch as I will share with you inspiration and learning from all corners of the world.

Films  I have discovered a passionate side of me when I followed a minority woman in an ancient Silk Road country for two years with cameras to show my work on women and water through her eyes. I was with my camera crew when the revolution broke out in a Central Asian country and saw one single brave woman walking toward the government building and overthrowing their first President.  Now, I let the Universe know that I like to make inspirational movies.

ME time  silent retreats, purification rituals in millions of years old rainforests, just being, painting, un-learning and re-learning…in short living from my heart through honoring my heart and listening to my heart more attentively…

And of course like many of you, being a mother, partner, lover, beloved, soul mate, thousand-arm compassionate Buddha, sister, daughter, student, teacher, explorer…hope to meet you and share together somewhere…anywhere…everywhere.