Corporate Harmony

Corporate Harmony Course: Today at ever increasing rhythm of life, we are conditioned to do, to act, to be on the go..Surprisingly for the discerning soul, we are called human beings and not human doings. Yet, as a corporation, you need your team to be giving their best at work…you want them to manage their stress well…and you like an environment where everyone is using their creative energies as flowing as possible..and you like your team to communicate well internally and with your target audiences…If these are your concerns, then School of Happiness is ready to assist you.  Read on the experience of a recent graduate of School of Happiness in Mougins.

I have never been so proud of myself as I was today at work. A very distressed woman entered my office today because one of our trucks had damaged her car.  She was shaking, angry, and stressed. Her body language as well as the tone of her voice all indicated that a storm was going to hit our office.  Before the School of Happiness courses, I would have responded her with the same kind of energy.  But this time, I took a deep breath in, centered myself and I practiced non-violent communication technique.  I gave her the empathy and assurance she needed. When she left, she was smiling.”