1-Why does the course last so long—7 sessions and almost 20 hours?
Because this is a self-discovery and transformational course.  It is designed from an empowerment and holistic approach that helps you step by step to un-cover yourself. Just like in a school, you need to learn new things and new ways of applying your knowledge to your daily life. You need to un-learn so that you can learn again who you truly are.  That is why you have homework given after each session.  Consciousness and shift to claim full responsibility for your life requires time, determination, and effort—this course is your foundation. What you will learn in the class will encourage you to be the change you seek in the world.

2-I am a yoga practitioner, can I still benefit from the course?
Our approach to yoga is beyond the hatha yoga if this is what you are accustomed to. In our sessions, you are guided through a number of yoga postures but you are also given information on what each posture is for, which energy centers you should be focusing your attention. You go through the movements with awareness.  In each session you also attend to your emotions through a breathing technique and transcend your mind through a relaxation method.  When you do yoga, sometimes you may find that the release you experienced may be uncomfortable…that is why I complement the yoga session with healing circle lectures.  These lectures are your foundation blocks for self-awareness and a more conscious life.  And the individual session is designed to meet your individual needs and your unique journey to take you to the  next step of your evolution.

3- Why women only classes?
“I feel there is something unexplored about women that only a woman can explore. ” Georgia O’Keeffe

4-Will my specific concerns or issues be addressed?
Yes, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share your specific experiences. Healing circle lectures are designed to be inclusive and interactive.  In addition, the 7th session is just for you–your individual session with Billur who is ready to assist you further in your self-discovery journey.

5-What do I need to bring with me?
• willingness and commitment to discover new dimensions of you
• an open heart and a smile
• yoga or pilates mat and a light blanket for relaxation exercises

6- Money back guarantee—how does it work?
If you attend all sessions, do the assigned homework, and practice what you learn in your daily life, then you are the designer of your new life. What you explore and discover will exceed your expectations.  If you have not learnt new ways of living from the heart, simply tell Billur at the end of the course and you will get your full refund.