How do I benefit ?

Read on to discover what you will experience and receive in just 20 hours that will impact the rest of your life:

  • 3 sets of holistic yoga postures to remove energy blockages in your physical body that you can practice in 15 minutes each day
  • An easy technique to help yourself and your family to express and cleanse difficult emotions in just 5 minutes (it works magic with children)
  • Understand what your dis-eases are telling you and heal yourself with 5 different breathing techniques
  • Discover your most limiting fundamental belief about yourself and change it with a relaxation technique in 40 days
  • How to becoming more like a cassowary—stop settling for less than what you want and start getting your heart’s desires
  • Discover why you have chosen your life partner and how to improve your  relationship 
  • Master simple yet proven methods to stop your negative thoughts and achieve mental peace
  • 4-step communication technique to express yourself and your needs in total freedom and be heard
  • Be part of an intimate group of women that will unleash your creative female energies to heal yourself and others
  • A CD including all relaxation and breathing techniques you will learn during the course so that you can use it according to your needs on a day to day basis