Nanette, Mandelieu La Napoule France
I came to the School of Happiness to improve essentially on my breathing and to help me on some private issues. Little did I know that I was going to go through such extraordinary journey, great awakening and gradually becoming aware of some deep reflection about myself. I feel there is a little more on to improve, but I could not have done it without the devotion, patience, love and extraordinary gift and aura that Billur has filled me with. We can all do it, it takes courage to do the first step.

Dilek, Opio, France
To say the truth, I went to Billur’s sessions with some doubts, but at the end I found myself more energetic and optimistic each time. She is a special person, she goes through you and your soul and connects with you, I believe that this is the magic in life, to be able to have such empathy with the person before you.

Patricia, Antibes, France
The School of Happiness allowed me to find peace in my heart again and the wisdom of the spirit. With Billur, I learnt to let go and by sharing her life experiences, she helped me to feel at peace with myself and thus to rediscover myself. She guided me to find the road of freedom so that nobody will invade my vital space anymore. Today, I became again the principal master of my life. I feel empowered to decide what I really want in my life. Now I know that life is precious, full of surprise and each moment is different.

Aurelie, Valbonne, France
Since I took the 6-week course with the School of Happiness, I feel really really better in my life. School of Happiness is the straight way into the heart and experience life with the control of our thoughts. For me it is great pleasure to learn with Billur because each time I touched my heart little bit more. It has been like a gift that I benefit in my everyday life.

Deb, Trinity Beach, Australia
I had been going through some emotional challenges in my personal life when I met Billur. I am a mindset coach myself, but I knew I needed something more to help me. After using the postures, relaxation, and breathing techniques that Billur showed me for just one week, I started to feel a lot clearer and could feel my energy starting to move freely again. After continuing to do them for another week, I started to feel more peace,happiness, and clarity. It is my intention to use what she taught me for the rest of my life. I am extremely grateful to Billur and her amazing programme.

Eugenie, Trinity Beach, Australia
I needed to find my balance and release intense emotions after my mother’s death and Billur was God sent to me when I needed the most. Billur’s energy, enthusiasm, openness, vibration, and joy of life were like a renewal for me. I myself conducted Spiritual Healing workshops for almost a decade but I still learnt a few new things from Billur. Emotional release breathing technique and relaxation method were very beneficial for me. Billur does not only gets her message across well but also inspires you to work on yourself. Billur left but I have the CD, which will make me to practice all exercises.

Tim, Trinity Beach, Australia
I had an individual session with Billur thanks to a recommendation by a friend, who followed her 7-session I Love Myself Course and was very happy about the results she was experiencing. In only 3 hours, Billur helped me to identify one fundamental issue that I need to work on and taught me exercises for my physical, emotional, and mental well-being . I wish I had more sessions with her!

Hortense, Mougins, France
I feel lucky to be one of the first participants of School of Happiness courses in France.  I do not know what it is about Billur but when I think of her, I get a smile on my face.  She has such a radiance about her.  She is able to bring out the beauty in every person.  For me, Billur is really making a difference how I view and feel my life today. You changed my life Billur!

Muriel, Mougins, France
School of Happiness brought me awakening and deep reflections about the way I was living my life. Healing Circle lectures transformed the way I interact with my own family and handle the situations of stress and conflict in a serene way.  Now I know that happiness is very easy.

Michelle, Mougins, France
School of Happiness course helped me to sleep better even after the first class thanks to the relaxation CD I listened in the evenings. I loved being part of a women’s company again.

Annie, Grasse, France
I was so surprised when my friends from School of H appiness told me that breathing exercises had a botox impact on my face.  I looked serene and lost years from my facial expression.  Thanks to Billur, I have learned how to breathe properly at my age.

Aynura, Kyrgyzstan
School of Happiness helped me to understand why I chose my husband and how I can re-build my relationship to feel loved and appreciated. Although my husband told me I would lose my time with the classes, now he is grateful that I know how to make myself happy each day.  Less work for him!

Defne, Istanbul, Turkey
As a mother of a teenager girl, I had a difficulty expressing myself without seemingly interfering with my daughter’s lives. I used the peaceful communication letter technique to let her know how much I care. Now we connect much better.  If you want to live your life fully, then come to School of Happiness.